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"After working with Monster Agency® my website grew 600% in 30 days! My business went from moderate to high volume literally in about 10 days."
Tim B.
The Grind Athletics

Case Studies

733.33% RoAS in 30 days

$243,484.68 Revenue
in 90 days

$725,511.82 Revenue
23.70x RoAS

6.45x RoAS in 18 days

487% ROI in 54 days

Paid Traffic Branding & Advertising

4.87x RoAS in 30 days

$200,453.24 in first 35 days

1.3M TikTok Followers

7.50x RoAS Lifetime

28,053 New Users Added

3.79x RoAS Multichannel

From $40K/mo to $150K/mo in Meta Ads

-83% CPA Reduction

3.3x Blended RoAS

Broke Top 100 on Amazon

Largest USA Dance Event

Fitness Ads Consulting

Live Event Marketing

Doubled ROAS on Google Ads

ALEX and ANI Creator Videos

Scaled Meta Ads by 138%

18.66x ROAS on Google Ads

Improved Brand Lift by Nearly 340%

Creator Video Management

3.5x ROAS on Google Ads

Expansion of Clinic Locations

Podcast + eComm Growth

5x ROAS on Meta Ads

241% Increase in CTR

Leads for INC 5000 Brand

$4M Funding Round Raised

Open Rates Jump +19%

3.1x Blended ROAS

3x ROAS on Meta Ads

Targeting & Messaging Lift

4.5x Blended ROAS

Cost Efficient TikTok Traffic

Higher Email Open Rates

Truck Driver Recruiting Blitz

Subscription Plan Growth

Ominchannel Brand Launch

Laundromat Growth

TikTok Growth for Jewelry

Email for Alcohol Brand

Brand Visibility on TikTok

UK Dragon’s Den Success

Cost Per Lead Dropped 43%

"Some of the results we've seen since starting with Monster Agency® is our conversion rate. We were embarrassingly under 2% and now we're well over 7%."
Andrew H.

Are your strategies maximizing your revenue potential?