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Pause your ads! We are offering a FREE BING ADS AUDIT to help optimize your ad spend and sales.

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A Deep Audit Into Your Bing Ads Account

What’s included?

A Deep Audit into Your Bing Ads Account

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Our Bing Ads audit goes beyond mere metrics. We infuse innovative thinking to delve deep into your campaigns.

Monster-Sized Returns

Blending data-driven insights with unique creativity, we transform your Bing Ads campaigns into colossal success stories. Expect metrics that roar above the rest with our tailored strategies.

Collaborative Approach

Uniting your vision with our expertise, we craft strategies hand-in-hand. Experience seamless teamwork that amplifies results.

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Scary Good Results

"Collectible Cards ROAS Soars 733.33% Amid Frenzied Market in 30 Days!"

Navigating the bustling collectible market, our strategies skyrocketed ROAS, making every card flip a win

"Custom Tees Campaigns Stitch 450% Growth in Design Submissions!"

By weaving creativity with targeted ads, we saw a surge in unique design submissions, crafting a colorful tapestry of success.

"Billion Dollar Brows Sees 520% Uptick in Brow Kit Sales!"

Accentuating beauty with precision-targeted campaigns, we shaped a success story that raised eyebrows and sales.

"Fanimal's Engagement Roars with 480% Increase in Wildlife Merch Sales!"

Unleashing the wild side of marketing, our campaigns resonated with animal lovers, leading to a stampede of sales.

Happy Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

After you grant us access to your Google Ads account, our MonsterAgency team conducts a thorough analysis of your campaigns, from keyword performance to ad effectiveness. We then compile a concise report highlighting key findings and actionable strategies. Once the audit is complete, we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss the results and address any queries you have.   BOOK FREE AUDIT

Monster Agency blends data-driven strategies with unique creativity, ensuring each campaign is not only effective but also tailor-made for the brand. Our focus is on delivering monstrous results that stand out in the digital landscape.

For the free audit, you’ll need to provide access to your Bing Ads account or share relevant campaign data. This allows us to dive deep into your campaigns and offer actionable insights.

The duration of the audit can vary based on the complexity of your campaigns. Typically, you can expect a comprehensive review and feedback within 5-7 business days.

Absolutely! At Monster Agency, we prioritize client confidentiality. All data shared during the audit process is treated with the utmost security and is solely used for analysis purposes.

Post-audit, we’ll provide you with a detailed report highlighting areas of improvement, potential strategies, and recommendations. If you choose to proceed with us, we’ll discuss the next steps to optimize and elevate your campaigns.

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