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Our email marketing agency provides data-driven services that deliver repeat sales.

Email List Growth

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Email Marketing by Monster Agency®


Increase in carts recovered for top- performing brands in Beauty & Cosmetics.


Higher $ per recipient for top performing brands with $1M to $20M in sales.


Increase in carts recovered for top- performing brands in Fashion & Apparel.



According to marketing Sherpa, 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to
17% who prefer social media.


TURN $1 INTO $40.

According to a study conducted by LyfeMarketing, email is able to outperform all other marketing platforms and approaches by a factor of 180% minimum.

Smart Email Marketing for Growth-Minded eCommerce Merchants


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Why Email?

It seems so trivial…so unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But in reality,
email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and scalable channels to acquire and retain customers.

Email is the most powerful tool on earth, and it’s only getting more potent as time goes on. Today, emails can be used for everything from announcing company news to asking customers questions or even ordering pizza! Sometimes all you need in your inbox are some quick thoughts that would make a user purchase – then again there will always come those days when this isn’t enough. If anything happens outside of normal business hours where people might miss out because they don’t check their inboxes regularly (which commonly applies during weekends) our Paid Traffic services can help supplement if needed.

The future of email marketing is here, and it’s called first party data. Owning your own customer list gives you access to a highly targeted group that will love whatever product or service they see from you again AND send their friends on demand! Maintaining this level of engagement takes some serious work but can be worth all those long hours if it increases conversions & revenue because these are people we know respond well. Not just potential customers who might buy something someday hypothetically. In other words, PREDICTABLE profits!

Sometimes, just getting new leads into your lists is all that’s needed in order to warm up potential customers to your products. This is absolutely the case with email marketing! iOS14 updates have changed the digital marketing landscape, and if you’re not building your lists to drive more future conversions, your marketing strategy is a outdated. Allow our email marketing team the ability to connect with you on a call to make sure your marketing strategies are aligned with email marketing best practices and current up to date methods.

Automated Emails Triggered by Behaviors

We build up to 11 different Foundational Email Flows for every client (including “The Welcome Series,” “Abandoned Cart,” and many others). Our automated flows form the bedrock of our strategy, but that’s just the beginning!

Campaigns That Don’t Wind Up in the Trash

Delivering the right message to your customers can be challenging. That’s why we use advanced segments and one-time emails that will keep them engaged, excited about your brand – long after they’ve opened it!