ios 14 Impact On Facebook Ads


What You Need To Know

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What's Changed

  • Facebook Pixel / Conversion API

  • Apple’s new introduction of PCM (Private Click Measurement) for web attribution

  • PCM = No measurement for App-to-Web Conversions or cross-domain

  • AEM = This will restrict, aggregate and delay your ad campaign data

  • Facebooks new protocol to work with PCM will "result in the loss of customization and granularity we’ve all been accustomed to"

  • As Facebook rushes to patch all the flows that will break their processes from the iOS14 update

  • Data use limits will force a cap on the number of events per domain (8 events)

  • 3 Day waiting period on new OR changed prioritized events

  • The importance of 8 event prioritization point

  • Events attribution limits effects on measurement, optimization and targeting

Flow In Relation

How Apple’s ATT Works In Relation To Facebook Ads

If Opt-in

No change to data use.

If Opt-out

Limited data use. Aggregated Event Measurement will restrict, aggregate and delay events attribution.

❗️To account for less data, Facebook will make significant changes to web advertising flows.

❗️This will broadly impact tools across Facebooks ad systems.

NEW protocols

Moving forward, this is how Apple and Facebook will process data from ads.


click measurement


Event Measurement

Will Limit Transmission of User Data While Still Supporting Critical Advertiser Use Case


Campaigns optimizing for more than 8 events will be automatically paused.

This means that brands with multiple domains operating out of the same ad account (like multi-national brands) will have their campaigns paused.

❗️Facebook DOES NOT have a solution for this. This will cause a lot of problems.


It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you verify your main URL associated with your website. This will be the URL that you prioritize your main 8 events from to optimize conversions for.



It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you verify your main URL associated with your website. This will be the URL that you prioritize your main 8 events from to optimize conversions for.


8 Events Prioritization

Brands will need to prioritize their 8 events per URL. Below is an example 👇 for eCommerce brands that have an emphasis on Purchase Conversions.

  • Optional Event 1

  • Pageview

  • Add To Cart

  • Add Of Payment Info

  • Optional Event 2

  • View Content

  • Initiate Checkout

  • Purchase

  • Optional Event 1

  • Optional Event 2

  • Pageview

  • View Content

  • Add To Cart

  • Initiate Checkout

  • Add Of Payment Info

  • Purchase

AEM In Events Manager

This is how Facebook AEM appears in Events Manager on the tab to the right of Pixel Data.



When a user opt’s out of ATT, Facebook will only attribute event data to your 1 highest prioritized event (most likely a Purchase) only if the Purchase occurred after an ad click.

So if they View Content, Add to Cart, Initiate Checkout, Add Payment Info but DO NOT Purchase; you won’t receive any of those valuable data points from iOS devices.

Advertisers need to IMMEDIATELY go into Events Manager > Aggregated Events Measurement and select their top 8 conversion events in order of highest priority.

Apple hasn’t announced their enforcement date yet, but it will be any day now! Do it now to avoid disruption to your campaigns



after ios 14 update

Changes in optimization
& targeting

Expect drastic changes in your targeting and how Facebook’s algorithms optimize your campaigns! Remember, Facebook’s magic rests within how many data points it can optimize from.

Less Data = Less Optimization

Optimization Changes

Expect performance declines in your Prospecting & Retargeting efforts.

CUrrent Attribution Window

28 Day Click or 1 Day View.

Fututre Attribution Window

7 Day click or 1 Day View.


Reduction in conversions attributed. Conversions attributed won't have demographic breakdowns.



Expect Efficacy Reduction

Lets be honest here. Less data will mean worse optimizations.

We know this is a very fluid situation. Facebook is actively working to create predictive data modeling based off of the gaps in data. Brands should expect to see performance drops, but if you’re actively following best-practices and educating yourself on the newest changes, you will be okay. It’s just more of a reversion to top of funnel optimizations based on CPC’s, CTR’s and CPM’s.

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