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“Before working with Monster Agency® it was like highway robbery…”

Rob O.

“Monster Agency® allowed me time and has allowed me to let go.”

Ricardo M.
MSI Credit Solutions

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Hellanbach Generated 7.37X ROAS in the First 30 DAYS!


Total Amount Spent


Total Revenue Generated


Total ROAS

We didn’t stop there! We also ran their email marketing campaigns and generated OVER $4,000 from our marketing efforts. Valentine’s Day was a huge success for our bi-weekly newsletter format and promotional email blast.

Get Top Google Ads Management For Your Business

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Monster Agency outperforms as a Google Partner.
Stop spending countless hours trying to manage your own online marketing efforts when you could be investing that effort into improving your services or products, customer service, and execution. Hire us to do what we’re great at so you can focus on what makes your business amazing.

Let’s Get Started! Click Get A Free Proposal and let us know a little more about the great things your business is doing. We will evaluate your Google Ads campaigns and discuss whether you’re a good fit for taking advantage of Monster Agency’s Google Partner expertise for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We require a minimum of 3 months. In a world of instant gratification, advertising doesn’t always work this way. Google Ads is a much slower process versus Facebook Ads. Although in many cases, return on ad spend is much more stable in Google Ads comparatively. We’re confident we can improve your business quickly (generally around 25-45 days in most scenarios) and build campaigns the right way. Are you looking for a scratch off ticket or a sustainable advertising strategy?

Absolutely! You are simply paying us to manage your Google Ads profitably and you are entitled to everything that is in your account.

Anytime you’d like. You own the account, we’re just managing it for you.

Preferably we use your already existing account. But more importantly we just want everything setup and integrated correctly.

We charge a flat rate plus a % of your total monthly ad spend that is affordable by most budgets.

This is always a tricky question to answer. Normally $2,500 minimum in monthly ad spend is the threshold but there’s always exceptions. We’ll accept an awesome brand if their ad spend is lower and we feel like they have good positioning.

We’ll need to look at your niche, the monthly search volume, your budget and the demand behind your service/product.

We send over weekly reports. But we also are available to answer your questions in Slack too Monday though Friday. Our hours of operation are from 10am – 5pm and we want to make sure you’re educated on what we’re doing. Just take it easy on the team, we’re working to generate you revenue, not talk all day. If need be, we can reduce our ad budget for you to purchase a pet of your choice to talk to daily 🙂

Not needed. We price our Google Ads management to be all inclusive so you get everything you need without that extra fluff.

We do move fast! After signing on and having your kick-off call, most clients launch in around 6-8 days.