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We Specialize In Meta Advertising To Help Brands Drive New Customers At A Profitable Cost

We have 10 years of experience working on the Meta Advertising Platform from the early ad product days to today’s advanced stage.

Drive Sales, Inquiries & Registrations

With advanced targeting capabilities we target people at the right time, in the right place with the right message to drive ROI positive results for clients.

Beat Competitors

Get in early, grab opportunities where your competitors are slacking and target those who are shopping with competitors.

Increase Awareness

With photo, video and story ads, there’s a huge opportunity to effectively engage with those unaware of your product or service.

Find New Customers

Already have an existing customer base? Advertising on Meta could be the most effective option to help you scale the business into new locations and territories.

Increase Following

We help clients build a following of those who actually have a direct interest in our clients product or service for future revenue driving opportunities.


We personalize and tailor advertising experiences to those who’ve expressed an interest for your product (dynamic remarketing) or service to help complete the sale or desired result.

Additional Support


We design and build creatives to drive maximum impact. We provide video production as well as creative support through Adobe Suite tools such as Photoshop and After Effects.

Product Catalogue

If you run an e-commerce store, you’ll know all about the Meta Product Catalogue. We help create and edit the product catalogue for maximum product exposure and impact.

Meta Partner

As a Meta partner, our ad accounts come with dedicated Meta representatives ensuring we are privy to the latest features rolled out by Meta with speedy support.

Why Work With US?

Performance Driven Service

If we’re not confident we can drive you results, we won’t try to convince you to spend.

No Long Contracts With Us!

You engage us for 90 days and then transition to a month-to-month plan.

Fully Tracked Marketing

All paid marketing activity is fully tracked and then reported on every week.

Expert Paid Traffic Consultants

Have questions on what to do next? Your strategy? We answer these types of questions in Slack daily.

What Our Clients Say

Monster Agency has created easy-to-understand copy that effectively demonstrate what customers need.

“The team is attentive and responsive, which allows them to perform well. Overall, they have a strong ongoing partnership.”

– Michael H.
CEO, Peeva

Monster Agency’s services met the mark. The team was organized, efficient, and on top of the ball throughout the engagement.

“They excelled at project management and making themselves available for meetings. Monster Agency’s email marketing coordinator was especially helpful throughout the project.”

– Adrian K.
Managing Partner
Face The Consequences

Honestly, there aren’t many creative agencies that can deliver on creative visual ads that convert.

“Monster Agency delivered a nostalgic ad that the end users really patronized. The team’s creativity brought amazing results. They showed great passion and commitment to the project that resonates with the client and their consumers.”

– John D Saunders

Owner, 5Four Digital

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