Monster Agency® Has Just Been Named As One of America’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Agencies by Clutch!
Monster Agency® Has Just Been Named As One of
America’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Agencies by Clutch!

Our Monster Team

Monster Agency® is a full-service digital marketing agency with a team equipped with the tools and skills to help scale your business!


Internet marketing veteran. He pretty much keeps this place running.

Creative Director

Director, editor, writer, Dad, son, husband, the list goes on. But to us, he’s a pillar for what makes our creatives stand out! 


Director of Design

Visionary and jack-of-all-trades. A master of creation and design that knows the things you just can’t teach (cool aesthetics).


Operations Director

Simply put, Anna makes our internal processes work better and more efficient. She can also lift a bike (we’ve seen it)!

Video Editing

The big papi of Adobe Premiere. Frank helps bring creative assets to life through amazing video and animations.


Amazing conversions start with beautiful creative and copy that sells. No one knows this more than our Chicago Bulls fan Corey who helps create campaigns that convert!


Email Marketing Coordinator

Expert in all facets of email marketing. His attention to details with flow analysis, design and list segmentation are top tier.


Graphic Design

We keep challenging Vlad to create designs and he delivers every time. We give up. There’s literally nothing he cannot do!


Coding & Development

We wonder if Kyle’s a cyborg or not. He’s always on Slack, always delivers fast and always replies way too quick. A surgeon with the keyboard.


Video Editing

Hails from Brazil but doesn’t know jiu-jitsu *long winded sigh*. But he does know how to make beautifully stylized videos for our clients!


Growth Specialist

Published author. Been in the game a long time. 10X Conferences, Funnel Hacking Live, yep he’s there! But you always know you stand with someone who’s all in with you in this journey.


Fluffy Monster

Comes to life whenever we leave the room. It’s weird.


Email Marketing Coordinator​

Dependable. Energetic. Persistent. But enough about Jason’s dog lol. Jason helps clients effortlessly improve their emails. Nuff said!


Media Buyer

“I’ve seen A LOT of s*** in my days as a media buyer so you don’t have to!” -Rohan


Sr. Media Buyer

Mana helps our clients achieve their paid traffic goals with ninja like skills encompassing targeting, creative & optimization.


Marketing Strategist

A smooth talking marketer. Something about hitting targets excites him. Not just on the pool table, but in your marketing as well!


Sr. PPC Specialist

Coming Soon…


PPC Specialist

Coming Soon…


Media Buyer

Coming Soon…


Media Buyer

Coming Soon…


Creator Outreach

Coming Soon…


Marketing Strategist

Won a National Championship for the University of Nebraska football team. Understands nothing comes easy & teamwork is 🔑.


TikTok Business Development

Has a lot of experience in many different areas of internet marketing but has settled in on TikTok Ads & knows how to grow it for brands!


CRO Specialist

A specialist in converting traffic into customers by significantly reducing abandonment rates, exit rates, and leakage from your funnel.


Marketing Strategist

Weighs 145 lbs and can bench press 365 lbs. No lie (ask him)! Has deep background in media buying, chat bots and all around good guy.

"The past two years we've had over 100% growth each year."​
Rob O.
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"More importantly, they create results! I know results vary, but most of our campaigns have averaged 4-5x return on ad-spend (RoAS)!! The others are tweaked or dumped if they don't hit as hard as they should."

Haley Young
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